Knottingley Town Hall  29/10/21

Knottingley Town Hall 29/10/21

Knottingley Town Hall is reported to be rife with ghostly Activity and this may well be due to the fact it has been built on the site of a Medieval Monastery. Knottingley Town hall Opened in 1865 and has been witness to tragedies and fatal accidents. Many people believe that a young boy was believed to have fallen down the rear staircase to his death at this location. Reports of two ladies casually walking around the building dressed in wartime clothes has been reported on many occasions.

Our previous experiences in Knottingley Town Hall include poltergeist activity (a large table lifting, chairs moving across the room on their own, random bangs and thuds) and exceptional torch communication.

With apparitions, tables and chairs moving by themselves... are you brave enough to join us?


Friday 29th October 2021 (Halloween dress-up optional)


Strictly No alcohol or drugs

No under 18s

No pregnant ladies