Niddry Street Vaults 05/02/22

Niddry Street Vaults 05/02/22

Niddry Street Vaults are one of 3 Vaults beneath Edinburgh city centre which were only accidently rediscovered in 1985. As Edinburgh evolved over the centuries, buildings got built on top of and on top again creating a lasagne layer effect under the streets. Forgotten for hundreds of years, Niddry Street Vaults and Blair Street Vaults are now open to the public. 

Once homes and businesses, the Vaults were home to many people who lived, worked and died there. Thieves, prostituion and disease was rife in these cramped squalid living quarters, so who knows whose spirit is left behind... 

With reports of shadow figures, people being touched and scratched, the disembodied voices of children playing, even a demonic entity.... are you brave enough to join us for an overnight investigation of Niddry Street Vaults? 


Saturday 5th February 2022. 11.59pm - 6am


Strictly no alcohol or drugs

No under 18s

No pregnant ladies