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The Scottish Ghost Company is the  best ghost events company in Scotland. With over 80 years of experience in the field of paranormal research and ghost tours, we boast some of the UK's best known names in the business, such as the incredible Tech Guru Mr Roy Woolrich; National Trust Ghost Walker and infamous Lady in Black - our Historian is the sensational  Mrs Shiela Walsh; and well known Scottish Medium, with over 16 years experience in the supernatural and paranormal events is Mr David McCabe.

With 22 members of highly experienced crew working with us , we are sure that we will be able to get things to go 'bump  in the night 'on our events .

From Ghost Hunting Events to Ghost Story Walks we can create an event bespoke for your needs!

Ghost hunting is all about the process of investigating locations that are reported to be or are rumoured to be haunted. The Scottish Ghost Company on a typical ghost event will attempt (with you!) to collect evidence supporting the existence of paranormal activity.

We use a variety of electronic devices, including MaglitesEMF meters, digital thermometers, night vision cameras, digital audio recorders, K-11 meters, Kinect, MEL meters, REM pod, and Echovox. We also use more traditional techniques such as , general calling out to any Spirits, trigger objectsouija board/angel board/spirit boards etc .

In the past we have had fantastic results with table tipping and red light transfiguration in various locations. (This must not be confused with medium transfiguration).

These are just some of the ‘tools’ we use on an event to try and engage with spirit, BUT sometimes the best evidence of spirit activity is your own eyes and ears. (And often your nose!)

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Please Note:

We are not associated with any other Paranormal group. 


The Lone Vigil Experience

We offer lone vigils where you will be ALONE in the dark, with just you and the ghosts! You will be filmed on camera so that any paranormal activity (which may not be seen or heard the time time ) is captured. This will be sent to you so you can look back and see how brave you were!