EVP from RSS Discovery Dundee 

Spirit calls out "ROY" as he leaves the room



This  Kinect video footage was captured in a cell in the ladies wing in Jedburgh Jail, Scottish Borders, Scotland.
Originally built in 1823, its purpose was a debtors prison for men, women and children. 
One of our crew, Yvonne was in the cell on her own (as she thought!). You can quite clearly see her with her mobile in hand, playing the music, and what appears to be a small child spirit by her side enjoying him/herself!



Overtoun House, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland

The use and credibility of MAGLITE torches in the Paranormal world seems to be quite a controversial subject. We like to use them, and get quite excited if we appear to get an intelligent response to questions. 
The short clips above are examples of how we use them and some pretty good responses!
This clip was early July 2020 in the grounds of Overtoun House, where we appear to be communicating with a witch.  
Overtoun House is a category A listed building, built in the 1860s, known to have been a convalescent home during WW2 and a maternity hospital. It’s landscape features include the infamous Overtoun bridge. Since 2005 there has been several reports of dogs appearing to make a ‘suicide leap’ from it. Some believe that its a supernatural influence others believe that the dogs are just attracted by scents of other animals ie: mink and decide to chase. The jury is still out!
There is a strong history of witchcraft in the area with witch’s tunnels nearby. Overall ,well worth a visit.



Pollock House Glasgow 2020

There are a number of different types of spirit box. Some scan radio waves in an analogue format, some use digital, some are designed as word banks which spirit can select which ever word to respond with.
Below is a short video of the use of the spirit box, with good clear responses to different questions asked in the grounds of Pollock Park Glasgow.


SLS capture on board RRS Discovery Dundee

Two of our crew were alone in a room on board the ship. Or so they thought!


RRS Discovery Dundee 09/10/21

 RRS Discovery 10 minute challenge 

Watch two of our guests  volunteering for  a ten minute lone vigil experience. Keep your eye open for a small anomaly appearing on the right hand side just as Sally feels she needs to leave.


Renfrewshire, Scotland

Watch a short video of a door opening and closing when asked !