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Natasha Girdwood

Paranormal Investigator /trainee medium

Hi there, I’m Natasha and I’ve been a paranormal investigator for a number of years. I’ve always had an interest in the spooky and unexplained side of things, especially with quite a few things happening to me when I was younger that made me believe there is more to life beyond what we see. After taking part in a local paranormal event a few years ago, I’ve been completely hooked and ever since then I’ve been part of an amazing crew on numerous investigations. This has also led me down the path of developing my mediumship skills even further. Throughout my many adventures, I have met so many amazing spirits who have come forward and shared their amazing and sometimes tragic stories of their lives with us which makes me feel so humbled.

Stacey Waugh

Paranormal Investigator

Hi I’m Stacey, I’m 32 and I started ghost hunting officially a few years ago with my husband Alex. From the first time we went to an event I was hooked. I always wondered why people loved ghost hunting until I experienced paranormal activity first hand. I love hearing the stories that spirits share with us at locations and connecting with the untouchable. When you have a paranormal experience it’s like nothing you’ve ever felt before. I can’t describe it but it just makes me feel alive! From a young age I was always interested in the spirit world and now the fact that I get to interact with it is phenomenal. I love what I do and the people I do it with.


Tom Donnachie

Paranormal Invetigator

Hi my name is Tom. I served in the Air Force before joining the Police in 1977. After being injured on duty in 2001 I have worked in a variety of automotive roles. I have a keen interest in the paranormal, compounded by several instances throughout my life, including those when serving with the Police. I met the crew of the Scottish Ghost Company at an event with my daughter and was instantly impressed by the dedication and commitment they show. They have a genuine interest and make their best enquiry to “debunk” phenomenon with the aim to uncover genuine paranormal activity.

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