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The Scottish Ghost Company

What’s in our kit?


Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) is a technique used in Paranormal Investigations to record and listen to voices and sounds from an unknown source.

The theory behind EVP is that because we are ALL energy (including spirit) ,they use their energy to manipulate sound into a form that resembles the spoken voice.


When we use such devices we tend to ask questions so that we can review the response that follows during playback. Leaving the EVP recorder in an empty locked off room is another great idea. Often the results on play back are staggering. 

The Scottish Ghost Company categorise any recordings based on their audibility.

*CLASS A voices are heard very clear and can be understood.

*CLASS B voices are fairly loud, clear and are heard without headphones.

*CLASS C voices are very soft and indecipherable.



This measures sudden changes in temperature. We believe that sudden changes ,especially a drop in temperature, can be indicative of spirit activity. The thermometer is pointed at a suspected area/object via a laser pointer.

It has been known for spirit to suddenly increase the temperature too!



This seems to be a favourite with our guests!

Basically an app able to be purchased for iPhone or android. Similar to a ghost box as voices/words can be heard, only this software uses the speaker and microphone on your device ,at the same time. This allegedly creates  a feedback loop. The software then manipulates this feedback using different speeds/echos and delays resulting in the sound of disembodied voices. Often much clearer than a spirit box (in our opinion).



We love our KINECT! We use it in An attempt to detect spirit forms during paranormal investigations that cant be seen with the naked eye. 

An xbox 360 camera is used either in the portable method or laptop. The software “sees” people by recognising joints and movements which on screen looks like a little stick figure.



This is a flat board, marked with the numbers 0-9, the words YES/NO and often HELLO/GOODBYE. A heart shaped planchette (wooden pointer) or glass is used as a moveable indicator to spell out messages. This undoubtedly is the most controversial of all pieces of paranormal kit as many people are terrified of using it believing it can lead to demonic possession. Please note we DO NOT advise you to use this at home.

Our crew are fully trained to open and close a spirit board safely and effectively. 


EMF : K-11meter (K2) Electromagnetic Field Meter.

These meters are normally used to diagnose problems with electrical wiring and power lines and to obtain readings on working appliances. They detect fields emitted by moving electrically charged objects, therefore we look for spikes in the EMF signal when ghost hunting. When the lights flicker or change colour we believe that its sensing a change in electrical current and that we have spirit activity.



Most ghost hunters have a TORCH  in their kit. 

These are robust screw ON/OFF switch torches. 

Our aim is to ask questions and get the torches to flicker, turn on/off in response


This is a dual purpose combination device that measures both EMF and temperature simultaneously. The device was named by the inventor, after his daughter ‘Mel’ passed away. It is said that just after completing his creation, his daughter appeared to be communicating with the family with changes in readings and Simultaneous temperature drops



Its fancy name is a radiating electromagnetism pod! This clever gadget radiates its own electromagnetic field. As it detects flowing currents of electricity and radiates its own EM field, it is thought that it can detect much more than other gadgets, which in theory makes it easier for spirits to use the device to communicate. Coloured lights flash and a shrill alarm will sound when spirit are near its telescopic antenna.



A device used to verbally communicate with spirit. The spirit box continually scans FM or AM radio frequencies , creating a din of white noise. The idea is that spirit can use that white noise to communicate in some way. We have heard  quite a few disembodied voices in our vigils. Simply ask a question and wait....



These are just objects used to lure or draw spirits out. The goal of a trigger object is to see if it will move! The Scottish Ghost Company use trigger objects in most vigils. These can range from small balls, flashing kitten balls that light up when touched, small toys, dolls and teddies. Particularly effective if its felt children are around. 



Also known as table turning. This is a type of communication method where participants sit/stand with their hands gently resting on a table where we invite spirit to communicate and let us know their presence by shaking/turning or tipping it. We have amazing video footage of an excellent vigil where table tipping was Used. 

It can also be used very like a ouija board, where guests around the table can say a letter of the alphabet and encourage the table to tilt at the appropriate letter, spelling out names, messages etc.



The human pendulum is an experiment that is often conducted during our paranormal investigations. This activity involves asking spirits to gently push a person forwards or backwards to indicate a yes or no response to any question asked.



What Is Dowsing?

Dowsing is the ability of seeking answers and interpreting them by using dowsing rods or a pendulum. Dowsing is widely used as a simple, but effective, way of searching for anything from lost coins, water, and geophysical surveys to finding ghosts. We obviously use them to hunt ghosts!

Everything that exists in the universe is ultimately pure energy that gives off a vibrational frequency. This would include every particle, thought, word, emotion, object and experience. When you dowse for a target you tune into its frequency. The response from the rods means you are reflecting energy back to yourself for interpretation.

Hold the rods in both hands and relax. Calibrate your rods by establishing “Yes” “No” responses.  (example: Left for YES, right for NO. Once that is done you can start searching for spirits.  Always ask permission to speak with them first.

Practice, practice , practice!








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