Hi there, my name is Alex! I have been ghost hunting for 3 years with my wife Stacey. She dragged me along to my first event at the Fairfield Ship Yards and I fell in love. I love the history of a location and when we get to communicate with spirit. I have experienced lots of activity over the past 2 years. Even if a location is quiet and there is not much activity, you still walk away wanting more!



My name is Grant. Edinburgh born and a good old traveller. I’ve been fascinated by ghosts and ghouls since I was a little kid. I have a lot of the old sinister stories and ghostly tales of old Edinburgh and would sit and read them at night. I went to my first ever ghost hunt in Carlops a couple of years ago then Musselburgh Town Hall. I knew after that I wanted to be part of a team.


I have always been interested in the paranormal and the unexplained but wanted to know more after living in a house for over a year which turned out to be haunted.
I have been ghost hunting for 5 years and part of paranormal teams for the last 3. My favourite locations are the old jails and castles but the best investigation I’ve ever been on was an old hotel. During the investigations I’m looking for evidence to support what our senses pick up.This is why I prefer to use the more modern technical approach. Most importantly though its important to have fun and get involved.

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Erica Hicks

 Lead Paranormal Investigator

Natalie Jade

Paranormal Investigator

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Jane Crowley

Paranormal Investigator

I’m the newbie, only beginning my ghost hunting adventure last year although i have always had a fascination with the paranormal. 
I’ve been lucky enough to see a full apparition whilst staying in a hotel in the Scottish Borders and its just taken off from there. My goal is to capture absolute proof.

Julia Girdwood

Paranormal Investigator/ Host

My name is Julia . I have experienced so much in my years as a spirit investigator. I love using the spirit board and have had some amazing activity involving it. On one investigation I have had a small wooden bead materialise in my pocket, a little gift from spirit and I still have it and take it with me to all the different locations. I absolutely love what I do and to share an experience with others and to see the look on their faces when something happens is an amazing thrill.