Meet the Team


David McCabe

Lead Medium

The first time I remember seeing someone who wasn’t there, I was about 6 years old and it was a boy who stood in my bedroom doorway. Many experiences followed over the years and I began to realise that not everyone was seeing what I was. At 22 I began to hear voices and genuinely thought I was losing my marbles. Luckily I knew a medium and she advised me to go to my local spiritualist church for help. Since then I have been really busy working with spirit on ghost events and other paranormal, with a wee bit of TV thrown in too. I love working with spirit as they have taught me so much about people, life and about myself. I look at my work as a medium as educational rather than entertainment because there are so many facets to life that we can never truly understand.

Yvonne Hydes

Events Manager / Paranormal Investigator/Host

Hi I’m Yvonne. I’ve always been a bit “spooky” and love everything ghostly and paranormal. I’m probably one of the most sceptical of the crew but love nothing more than a night full of goings on that I just cannot explain or debunk! Ive had a lot of paranormal experiences with having a nursing background but have been ghost hunting now for almost 5 years. I tend to vary how I work on investigations ranging from tech equipment, ouija boards (Spirit boards) to simple trigger objects.


Sheila Walsh

Historian/Story teller and Paranormal Investigator

Hi I’m Sheila and have been a paranormal investigator for many years. I like to use traditional tools such as rods and pendulums etc. I am also an Historian and love researching the history of our venues which helps to put any information into context. However I do not share such information with our mediums therefore maintaining the integrity of our investigations. I am a storyteller and have entertained audiences with accounts of my ghost hunting as well as writing and performing sell out ghost walks in my alter ego as "The lady in Black".

Roy Woolrich

Senior Paranormal Investigator/Tech Guru

My name is Roy Woolrich and I have been ghost hunting for many years. My first Ghost hunt was the Jamaica Inn. The activity was quite terrifying but I got the rush to go on and do more. I was lucky enough to investigate Bran Castle in Transylvania which again was terrifying. I have owned my own ghost company and worked with a few over the years. I have worked with the Scottish Crew (as I call them ) for over 2 years now and never looked back. They are fun, enthusiastic and knowledgeable in the paranormal field. My heart and soul will be with The Scottish Ghost Company until...I BECOME A GHOST!


Helen McDonald

Paranormal Investigator

I’ve been ghost hunting for about 5 years and investigating with a crew for just under 3 years. I’m a bit of a sceptic and like thinking of other explanations. In saying that, I’m the first to get a fright and get freaked out easily! I like using the electrical equipment, the favourite of which are both the Echovox and Kinect. Ive seen a lot of things that have scared me. My most frightening experience was staying over night at Knottingly Town Hall and having a heavy table tip up during a ‘table tipping’ vigil. I love the scares!

Erica Hicks

Paranormal Investigator

 Erica’s first ghost event was at Jedburgh Jail and she has been hooked ever since!


Aleksandra Solonen

Paranormal Investigator

Aleks has been with us for just over a year and loves ghost events. Back in Finland, Aleks was also in Paranormal Teams.

Natalie Jade

Paranormal Investigator

Nathalie has been with us for just about a year now and loves witnessing paranormal phenomena.


Stacey Paton

Paranormal Investigator

Stacey has been with us for about 2 years and is one of our

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Sara Chiappa

 Lead Paranormal Investigator/Host

Hi I'm Sara! I'm from the North East of Scotland. I have been seriously obsessed with the paranormal for the last 15 years. I definitely believe there are spirits and ghosts but I also like to explore every avenue when it comes to activity before I will declare it 'paranormal'. I always keep an open mind when investigating.
I like to use a mixture of traditional and technical equipment in my investigations.
I am absolutely delighted to be part of this team.

Ronnie Murphy

Company photographer/ lead paranormal investigator

I was a Paranormal postie, now a spooky togger! I have been interested and an active participant in Spectral Shenanigans for about 16 years. Despite the fact that I have not seen anything that can truly burst my bubble. I will always look for the rationale and will go all out to look for reasons other than paranormal activity. I dont scare easily, and if i can, I really like to keep things light hearted, interesting and fun. See you soon!


Paul Crossan

Paranormal Investigator

My name is Paul Crossan. I’ve had an interest in the paranormal since I was a small child when I believe I experienced my first encounter. I started investigating with the team 2 years ago and have been addicted ever since.

David Jack

Paranormal Investigator

Hi, I’ve been actively ghost hunting since February 2019, but have been passionate about all things paranormal since I was a wee boy. (Many many years ago)